Please download the free single 'Tears We Cry - 4 Harry

The track is free but if you feel you should pay something, then please go to the Harry Dunn Fundraiser and donate a few pennies.

They need your help to get justice.

Born at the Bosco

The Pieces of Mind

Album is available on Amazon, iTunes and other digital outlets

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On the Road

The Pieces of Mind

FREE DOWNLOAD Audio taken from various live gigs or practice sessions from 2015-2019.

For the technical minded, videos were taken with a Canon EOS 700D camera with a Rode Videomic Pro (mono or stereo) microphone somewhere in the audience.

The audio was exported using QuickTime player and then loaded into GarageBand, where the tracks were duplicated to give a slightly fuller sound.

The Album art is our van sign from the 60s

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