While the band is currently on hold, Some of us are playing a couple of gigs as a reformed Waterfield ISE, which was a blues band that played around South Wales in the late 60s.

Andy and Ducksy, from the Pieces of Mind, decided to form a new band when the Pieces were planning to go to Germany in 1967. They got together with Chris, who played drums, so the initial incarnation of Waterfield ISE was formed.

Over the following years, there were several versions of the band, but the initial duo of Chris and Ducksy were relatively constant until the band broke up at the end of 1970.

We have reformed with the three original members and a friend to play venues, new and old.

  • Andy – bass, vocals (Pieces of Mind, Waterfield ISE, Fungus, Blonde on Blonde, Moira and the Mice, TimesUp)
  • Chris – drums, vocals (Pieces of Mind, Waterfield ISE, Sassafras, Mick Clarke Band, Krissy Mathews band)
  • Ducksy – guitar, harp (Pieces of Mind, Waterfield ISE)
  • Lyn – guitar, vocals, harp (Louise McGhee band, Mistreaters, Blue Stew, Peter Hogman Band)

Andy, Chris & Ducksy have all played in the Pieces of Mind. Andy & Ducksy in the 60s and since they reformed in 2013. Chris has played several gigs with the Pieces since the 2013 reunion.