Mon, 11th June 2018

Just about recovered from a couple of hectic days playing a gig with Rhod Gilbert, at the Globe in Cardiff. 

Playing in part-time bands is always difficult, but when you do it in the twilight of your life, it's extremely difficult.  Back in our 60s gigging years we had amps that were just as big, if not bigger, but had no issues in humping and dumping them from vans into venues.  Yes we had one or two roadies to help but none of us found it a real burden.

Fifty plus years later and it takes two to three days for my body to recover.  It's not the prancing around a stage carrying and playing a guitar that causes problems; it's mainly the packing up and loading a van after you have been prancing around for a couple of hours. 

What we would give for a couple of strapping young roadies who would be prepared to work for nothing other than the genuine thanks of some old men.